IBIZA - ISLAND of CONTRASTS, Refuge and paradise
IBIZA Island of Contrasts


Twenty years ago I had a poster of Ibiza hanging in my room, on a floor that I
shared with other students. I studied 2º of Tourism and I had never been to Ibiza.

In the poster appeared a woman, seen on her back, wearing a long black garment of a peasant, and furthermore a whitewashed wall with three black crosses on it.
Down on the bottom, in big letters, IBIZA.

I liked that particular poster, although I did not understand its association with Ibiza.
Peasants clothes from the time of my grandmother, three black crossings on a whitewashed wall.........
What did it mean and what did it have to do with Ibiza, or at least with the image that I had.
I had never been there although I did hear much of her, Ibiza island.
Who did not hear of Ibiza, famous place throughout the world where the most varied VIPs and celebrities meet.

At that time I studied Tourism far away from there, not knowing what she would dedicate me to, and without being able to imagine that Ibiza would become the place where I would create my own physical and psychic home.
I did not imagine at that time, that in the future she would dedicate to me to explain to others what was incomprehensible for me.

After years, almost without trying I saturated it in Ibiza.
And almost without wanting I became an official guide.
And the image of that one poster acquired sense to me: simplicity, roots into the Earth, respect and harmony of men with its surroundings, functionality…

A philosophy of life, maintained during centuries by peasants, and that was very well understood by the first hippies that arrived here.
A form of life that began to conclude when mass tourism made its entrance to the island by the Seventies, and rural territory that still resists to succumb to the impersonal modern constructions that extend by so many, many tourist places that already lost their soul.

Ibiza still conserves.
The poster speaks to me of the native architecture of Ibiza; of the churches, white, simple and far from the brass foils; churches used over centuries as meeting places, for culture and protection against invading attacks.

It speaks of peasants, ingrained into the Earth and ancestral costumed breadwinners to me.
It speaks to me of the nature and the beauty of simplicity, anything other than the superficial and materialistic images this earth is also comprises of.

Ibiza is a place of contrasts, of opposites.
The past coexists with the latest novelties; respect for our Earth, with the most elevated greed.
Old and new can coexist in calm harmony.
Yin and Yan of ourselves.

And perhaps this is one part of its attractiveness.
When thinking of Ibiza, images come to my mind, from a clear blue sky in autumn, of small bathed coves of calm waters, green mountains, red soil sprinkled with almonds trees, vines, olive trees and white peasants houses.

Although it associates also to the agglomerations of the summer, the uncontrolled, the wild vice, to the destruction of its territory.
Yin and Yan.
The opposite ones.

, place first chosen by hippies of the Sixties as nexus of union between the West and Orient, like a remote spiritual temple of materialism which irremediably has been leading the world.

Refuge and paradise of so many fled.
Also for me, refuge and paradise that fights to persist.

by IBIZA GUIDE: Karina Perez Muros

Member of the A.P.I.T.I.F 
- Association of OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDES for Ibiza and Formentera



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